Friday, August 19, 2022


Kyeni students raise Sh2.1m to pay fees for needy colleagues in a rare gesture

Students from Sacred Heart Kyieni Girls High School in Embu County are contributing money to pay fees for their colleagues from poor families.

In a rare gesture, the students have formed a charity club called “Ambassadors of Mercy” aimed at raising funds for disadvantaged learners at the leading girls’ school.

They raise funds by selling sweets and handkerchiefs in the school compound to ensure their colleagues remain in class.

The students also hold fundraisers with the assistance of their teachers.

On Friday, they held a major fundraiser and Embu Catholic Bishop Paul Kariuki was the chief guest.

The event attracted guests from the area and other parts of the country.

Students came up with the idea last year as they wanted their colleagues to continue with their education.

They have since raised Sh2.1million  to support their five colleagues whose parents face financial challenges.

The students said they were touched when they saw their colleagues suffering.

” It was our initiative.We formed the club with the assistance of teachers to help our colleagues who have challenges in paying school fees.We want to touch someone heart by doing good, ” the club chairperson, Esther Adasha said.

The school chief principal Lenah Ngesa said the students wanted to raise Sh 2 million but they surpassed the target.

” Students with the help of teachers, parents, friends and school sponsor have contributed enough money to sponsor the five needy learners fully for two years,” she said.

She admitted that some girls come from ‘very’ poor backgrounds and their parents could not afford to educate them.

” Some girls have serious challenges and the initiative by the students is most welcome,” said Ms Ngesa.

The principal said the students and teachers could not watch as their colleagues drop out of school.

” We want every child who get admitted to this school to complete education and that is why we are supporting the girls’ initiative,” said the principal.

The girls said they even use part of their pocket money to pay fees for their colleagues.

” Service to humanity is service to God,” said Adasha who is also a student in the school.

The girls vowed that they must continue sacrificing themselves for the success of their colleagues.

The school allumni also turned out to give a helping hand to the needy.

Bishop Kariuki encouraged the students to continue minding about their colleagues’ welfare.

” This is a great idea which the Church supports.The girls should keep up the spirit,” he said.

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