Kind firefighter invites blind child to explore his gear in touching video

A firefighter recently showed off his kind side to a little blind kid he met.

The little kid who’s visually impaired had an idea of firefighters but he wanted to feel the gears and deepen his knowledge.

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The firefighter in a touching video, went on his knees and allowed the little boy to run his hands through the gears and equipment on his body.

“When you are blind so the firefighter lets you explore his uniform and gear. He knows what a firefighter is and does, but it is his first time seeing one and now has an idea of what a firefighter looks like”, the caption on the video read.

Goodnews_movement reposted the emotional video on Instagram with the caption:

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“The firefighter wanted to make sure that the blind boy also enjoyed the visit and got to “see” what being a fireman is like. Love this!”

Netizens applaud fireman, gush over sweet video

Chimerenatural said:

“Sweetest thing I seen today.”

Razoobadmash wrote:

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“I’m crying. This is amazing to see. The fireman is a true human being who has a huge heart. Whoever this fireman is I want to thank him for being so amazing. He’s inspired me to be better person. Thank you!”

Jenmi11er reacted:

“The way the firefighter is patiently explaining each piece of equipment and allowing the time for learning and discovery. Bless them both!”

Blessedbethefruit_loop added:

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“I love this. Sweet child and sweet fireman.”

Swoozy13 commented:

“My heart swells up with pure joy watching this video. THIS is the true nature of humans. Connection. Compassion. Empathy. Don’t ever let the world harden your heart to the point where you forget we are one.”

Shezana_s said:

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“As a mom to a child with a disability, this is amazing. For all us mama’s really want a sense of inclusion for our children. I truly wish more of us start to think outside-the-box. Good job fireman.”

Watch the video below:

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Source: Legit.ng

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