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Kill one of the Twins or Get out from My House, it’s a Bad omen – Husband tells Wife



Kill one of the Twins or Get out from My House, it's a Bad omen - Husband tells Wife

Kenya – A woman from Shingoto village, Shinyalu constituency Kakamega County is in utter devastation after her husband threatened to chase her out of their home for birthing twins.

Elizabeth Cikutsu declined a call to kill one of her twin children to appease the community’s tradition Her refusal to kill one of the children made her face several problems, including being caned and one of her twins being kidnapped and almost being killed

Their birth is regarded as a sign of a curse (tsishiri) from the ancestors that will soon befall the community. According to Isukha traditions, one of the twins was to be killed in order to prevent the curse from befalling them.

According to Isukha’s traditions, as soon as the mother gives birth to twins, the younger one is supposed to be killed or separated from the community to prevent the father of the children from dying at an early age.

Certain rituals are performed by the elders of the community for the twin, who will later be killed before some rituals are performed on the body which is buried on an ant hill.

Susan Catherine – Generations ago twins would be considered a bad omen in some communities and they would be killed. In some communities twins would be fed to wild animals.

That man seems to be stuck in the past. If care is not taken, he might still kill the twins. Sad state of affairs

Rita – Families have alot of issues for real imagine seeing twins as curses, who lied to them anyways Families have alot issues and secrets they go through without people getting engaged into their families are unaware of..

Brian – Mothers are so special in carrying and bearing life on their shoulders. Conditioning that child to stages of growth is so abundant. Mother love is made of precious silver and heart of gold. Every girl becoming mothers must be highly respected.

Eng Marvin – Wicked beliefs. While some are praying to have twins others are busy rejecting them🙆🏿‍♀️🙆🏿‍♀️

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