Friday, August 19, 2022

South Africa

Khayalethu’s search not over despite EMS leaving site

City of Johannesburg Emergency Services (EMS) may have left the search site but the search for Khayalethu Magadla is not over.

Rumours or reports that Joburg EMS have abandoned the search operation have been rubbished by Robert Mulaudzi, the spokesperson for the entity.

“The reason why you won’t find us there is that EMS has completed the physical search up until the main plant,”


The lengthy search operation for the Khayalethu started at Dlamini Park at the manhole where he supposedly slipped and fell inside while playing with his friends on 12 June.

The entire sewer line was searched by experts including the assistance of high-tech robots which did not yield positive results.


Mulaudzi added, “Right now, Johannesburg Water will be checking at the waste treatment plant which will take them approximately a week”.

When asked if he had any doubts about the incident at all, Mulaudzi told TheSouthAfrican that they will have better knowledge when Johannesburg Water has done its bit at the main plant to draw to any conclusions.

With hopes dwindling every day, Khayalethu’s family wishes for the rescuers to find a shoe or some of the clothes he was wearing if the body can’t be found.

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