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“Jobs are waiting for us”: Graduating students line up, dance happily in video



"Jobs are waiting for us": Graduating students line up, dance happily in video

THETALK.NG sighted a video of some graduating students dancing and having fun has gone viral on TikTok.

The short but interesting video was posted on the platform by V Power who appears to be one of the graduates.

Photos of graduating students dancing in happiness.

The students lined up and danced in happiness. Photo credit: TikTok/@vpowerba.Source: UGC

In the video, the happy students were properly dressed in their flowing graduation gowns and caps.

Happy grauduating students celebrates

They filed out in a line, dancing and making merry. Their dance moves were so vibrant and energetic.

The dancers were led in their dance procession by one student who danced more than everyone else.

He was in the front and appeared to have dictated the pace and direction of his mates who followed him accurately.

Jobs are waiting for us

The interesting video has genrated reactions from TikTok users who rushed to the coment section to expressed themselves.

Some people said in the comments section that the graduates will join the labour market after celebrating. But V Power said:

“But again we are educated with a degree of being doctors so already we have our jobs on.”

Watch the video below:



♬ original sound – V power

Reactions from TikTok users

@user6885206731880 said:

“After they get passport they come we work.”

@Nze kisha commented:

“Banange let people celebrate its not that everyone will fail.”

@user6847636130118 said:

“I love the vibe.”

@Zaitun 01 commented:

“We accepted it but after all u will join us here in dispora.”

@user9345408237434 said:

“Should we tell them?”

@Aisha Pretty reacted:

“We are waiting for them should. I tell them where or I leave them?”

@Skinnynyodongo said:

“Wishing you all the best even if it’s tough outside here but you’ll definitely make it.”

@user46350036811922 said:

“After celebration, get your passport.”

@Shamah reacted:

“You’re my kind of people.”

@kiwaviperkiwa said:

“This is the energy I will have when..”

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