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James Ndambo To Electrify Mbabala Villages – The Zambian Observer


…journalists at the centre of the project as an empowerment

Hampwaye, 27.06.2022

Choma born, South Africa based multi-national business tycoon, James Ndambo has promised to electrify over 100-households in Maubwe and Hampwaye areas of Mbabala Constituency.

Mr. Ndambo, who is also My Home Town Founder, has tasked a the media team to form a committee with the local people and ensure the two areas are electrified and provided with solar heaters.

In Maubwe, the Media Team will carry the project work to electrify 78-households with some women as way of empowering them.

Mrs Ndambo announced that the Media Team should work with Women in Maubwe to ensure the area is electrified.

The business tycoon has promised to fund the project to ensure the committee delivers on the task through My Home Town organisation.

He said this on Monday when he handed over a Hammermill and Boreholes in Hampwaye and Maubwe communities respectively.

Mr. Ndambo reiterates that the concept of My Home Town seeks to empower rural communities to help themselves grow and avoid people moving to cities to seek greener pastures.

Meanwhile, Hampwaye New Apostolic Church Shepherd, Winslow Chabota says locals used to walk over 8-kilometers to the nearest hammermill, but they now only cover 500-meters to the new facility.

My Home Town has already empowered the locals with fertiliser, seed, farming implements including ploughs, ox-carts and cattle.

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