“It’s very simple”: Crypto trader shares how to move money out of Binance

  • A young man has shown how people can still take out their crypto holdings from the Binance platform
  • This is as people panicked after Binance announced its discontinuation of naira services for Nigerian traders
  • Mixed reactions have trailed his advice on how to withdraw in naira on Binance as people expressed worries

Following Binance’s announcement of discontinuation of its services in Nigeria, a crypto trader, @emperoryrn, has shed light on how people can still withdraw their crypto holdings on the platform.

He warned against panic withdrawal, saying that it could lead to mistakes and loss of crypto holdings.

Man shows how to withdraw in naira on BinanceHe said it is a simple process.
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According to him, the digital assets can be taken out of Binance in crypto or in naira. He showed how it can be done with his phone.

To withdraw to a bank account, he clicked on the ‘NGN’ sign on the app and then clicked on withdrawal. He said bank withdrawals can be done via cashlink which is available on the platform.

@emperoryrn maintained that it is a very simple process.

TheTalk.NG gathered that Binance is also restricted in some other countries.

Watch the video below:

People react to the Binance update

emmyrex said:

“Bro they will tell you that they couldn’t find a merchant that matches the description.”

Praizo190 said:

“Bro this cash link doesn’t work bro show live withdrawal to ur fiat acct if u wam teach person teach person fully no be all this one u dey do.”

nickdtalker01 said:

“Mine is not letting me go ahead as after conversation to NGN it isn’t appearing on my wallet when I try to withdraw.”

RealVegas said:

“I added my payment method to Bybit and it’s added successfully but not showing up when I want to do p2p.”

Adekunle Damilola Sunday said:

“This is how I have been changing money in crypto since Day 1 is there any difference between this method nd p2p.”

BIG.EMMY_1 said:

“This method doesn’t work anymore I have tried it since yesterday.”

Asa Odogwu said:

“Abeg I wan learn I be novice forget say I be woman I ready to learn abeg help a sister plssssssss.”

Binance issues warning to Nigerian users

Meanwhile, TheTalk.NG previously reported that Binance had issued a warning to its Nigerian users after the federal government considered blocking the platform.

The company also said it was working hand in hand with local authorities, lawmakers, and regulators to ensure it acts on non-compliance.

The platform stressed its shared goal of protecting users while promoting innovations. It also reassured users of its continued strict security protocol regardless of the products or services used on the Binance app.

Source: TheTalk.NG

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