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“It Looks Like Onitsha”: Nigerian Lady Living in China Shows Street Market Where There is Cocoyam



"It Looks Like Onitsha": Nigerian Lady Living in China Shows Street Market Where There is Cocoyam
  • A Nigerian lady resident in China posted a video on TikTok revealing the rural part of the Asian country
  • She showed a part of China that looks like a Nigerian street with people selling local items such as vegetables
  • The lady showed that there is cocoyam, Okrika and other things Nigerians are familiar with in the street market

A Nigerian lady took to TikTok to showcase the rural part of China, which has some beautiful local features.

The video she posted was recorded at a street market where the Chinese sell local food items such as vegetables.

Lady shows interesting parts of China that looks like Nigeria.The lady showed a street market where cocoyam is sold. Photo credit: TikTok/@pepqueen.Source: TikTok

The lady, Pepqueen, said many people do not know that China has rural areas such as the one she showed in the video.

Lady in China shows where Okrika is sold

In the market, she showed Okrika, fairly used shoes, cocoyam and other things that Nigerians are familiar with.

As she walked around the market, many of the people there grabbed her hair and admired it.

They wanted to know why Pepqueen’s hair looked different from their own.

Pepqueen captioned the video:

“Most of you don’t know that this part of China exists; you are used to seeing all the beautiful parts and skyscrapers in the tv. Today I’ll show you a new part of it, watch to the end.”

Watch the video below:

Nigerians react video of a rural area in China

@Maurice_della commented:

“See village be like Aso Rock.”

@Mama said:

“Na only you no Dey see am for tv. I dey see am for there village movie.”

@Mr. Jumbo said:

“Omo see the view of the market even the most developed city in Nigeria no fine like this. See as market clean no noise. But come to Naija market, noise.”

@mirabel said:

“Dem no even sabi sell market self for the street. Dem still dey learn. They should come to the new Benin market.”

Lady makes hair in a Chinese salon

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG reported that a Nigerian lady was charged N76,200, which is about $100 for a simple hairstyle.

The lady was surprised as she only made all-back hair at the Chinese salon.

The video would go viral on social media and attract funny comments.


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