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It hurts so much: Lady undergoing B*tt enlargement cries



It hurts so much: Lady undergoing B*tt enlargement cries [video]

A young lady probably between the ages of 20 and 30 years has been recorded on camera undergoing a surgical operation for butt enlargement, and many social media users after coming across this couldn’t keep mute over.

This lady was seen in the video telling the doctors that the pains she is feeling in her backside are too much for her. As many people are aware, there are various types of butt enlargement but some are extremely dangerous that they can even cause cancer and other diseases.

One cannot tell the type of butt enlargement this lady went in for but you can see that some tubes have been connected to her buttocks. Some people believe is the implant butt enlargement. The friends of this lady were overheard in the video saying, “We warned you not to do butt enlargement but you didn’t listen. Look at you now”. The lady undergoing surgical operation replied to her friends saying, “It is painful; my backside hurt so much”.

The ladies were also overheard in the video telling the doctors, “Her backside is not coming up. What kind of butt enlargement is this?”. Meanwhile, their friend was still complaining that her backside is hurting her so much.

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