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“It Gives Me Nightmare”: Nigerian Lady Posts Video of Dirty Environment Where Palm Oil is Processed



"It Gives Me Nightmare": Nigerian Lady Posts Video of Dirty Environment Where Palm Oil is Processed
  • A Nigerian lady stunned netizens with a video showing the environment where she processes her palm oil
  • Some people who saw the video said they did not know that palm oil is processed in such a dirty place
  • The area looked muddy, but some people said it was a normal thing, while others seriously frowned at it

Reactions trailed the video of a lady who showed the environment where she processes palm oil.

People could not believe their eyes because the place appeared dirty and extremely muddy.

Lady producing palm oil.Some people insist that the environment looks dirty. Photo credit: Twitter/@postsubman.Source: UGC

She was seen in a well filled with water, which contained palm oil on top. As she stirred the water with her bucket, the oil came up and settled.

She continued to stir the water, and oil continued to settle on top, ready to be scooped. But the water looked muddy, and this made some people uncomfortable.

Some contended that the place is dirty and that they did not know that palm oil goes through such.

Other social media users clarified that such a production process is peculiar to a particular area in Nigeria and that it is not a general thing. The video was posted by @postsubman.

Watch the video below:

Nigerians react to palm oil production process

@ownMyShame said:

“Nostalgic. Oil processing and garri frying those days gave me nightmares. Our compound will be so busy with people, noise & steam from the thick fire.”

@GoldenTVUpdate1 asked:

“What if she’s on her period? Omo people don use period fry soup tire.”

@Official_Hydar asked:

“God abeg, hope she no Dey wash that thing inside the palm oil?”

@oyibochafrank said:

“Which distress? However, Urhobo palm oil is not made with this process anymore.”

@HardinDude said:

“And we dey laugh Indian food since.”

@maji_san commented:

“Na God the save us since.”

@IamAilojay said:

“Some stuff you eat, I promise you that you don’t want to know how they’re really made.”

Man dips hand into boiling oil

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG reported that a man who fries puf puf put his hand in hot vegetable oil.

What the man did made some people to concluded that his hands are numb.

Some advised him to go for a medical check-up because it appeared he felt no pain after dipping his hand in the hot oil.


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