Tuesday, August 16, 2022


Investigate cases thoroughly before effecting arrests – President Hichilema

President Hakainde Hichilema has called on the law enforcement agencies to carry out their duties thoroughly and professionally in an effort to regain public confidence.

President Hichilema observed that some cases being handled by the law enforcers do not go beyond conviction, which has become of public concern.

The Head of State therefore challenged the law enforcement agencies to ensure that they carry out thorough investigations before making arrests, which will convince the public in governments’ effort to fight corruption in the country.

President Hichilema said this during a swearing-in ceremony of 19 senior government officials who included the Anti-Corruption Commission Board, Human Rights Commissioners, the Police Public Complaints Commissioner, Judicial Complaints Commissioners and Diplomats, at State House.

The Head of State implored the appointed officials to serve the public with diligence and efficiently in their individual capacity and collectively as a team to meet the expectations of the Zambian people.

He reiterated government’s commitment to ensuring that there is an improved governance record in the country.

President Hichilema urged the different agencies to work together and bring reforms that will enhance the governance of Zambia.

“These appointments therefore come at the right time when we have embarked on a new trajectory of our country in all sectors,” President Hichilema stated.

Addressing the newly sworn-in Police Public Complaints Commission Chairperson Zunga Siakalima, the Head of State wants his government to open the economy 24/7 where factories are able to operate at any time without citizens fearing for their safety during night time.

President Hichilema further expects the Human Rights Commission to be proactive and ensure that the rights of people are safeguarded.

He also told the Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate cases and ensure that when a matter is taken to court, it will be convicted so that citizens are convinced with the Commission’s mandate.

For the Judicial Complaints Commission, President Hichilema stressed the need for the country to be run on the constitution rather than placing others above the law.

He says it is unfortunate that sometimes the Zambian people have had their rights infringed on due to the slow processes by the judicial system.

And he also urged the Diplomats to create opportunities for citizens within the country and also look after the welfare of citizens in the diaspora.

Meanwhile, newly conferred State Counsel Mulambo Haimbe assured that he will provide guidance to the legal profession and help in developing the law and the sector to benefit the general public.

HRC Vice Chairperson Pamela Samboa said the Commission will engage various law enforcement agencies to ensure that the rights of people are not taken away.

Others who were sworn in include Musa Mwenya as ACC Board Chairperson, Henry Mbushi as State Counsel, Gilbert Phiri as ACC Director General and Isabelle Lemba as Ambassador.

Others include Elias Mushya as Zambia’s High Commissioner Designate in the Commonwealth of Australia, Patricia Kondolo as Zambia’s Ambassador in Italy, while Syvester Mundanda serves as Zambia’s Ambassador Designate to the Kingdom of Belgium.

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