In Nigeria I earn N25k as Cleaner – Lady reveals how much she Earns now as Cleaner in Libya

A well-spoken Nigerian lady has gone online to tackle a person who wondered how graduates are leaving Nigeria to go and do menial jobs in Libya.

In a video, she said that graduates also need money to make their lives go well. She revealed that she was being paid a miserly N25,000 per month as a teacher back home.

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I was teaching from JSS 1 to SS 3

The lady switched to Queen’s English to show that she is indeed a graduate. According to her, she wrote enormous lesson notes before she even got her pittance salary.

That was not all, she revealed that for N25,000, she would have to teach from JSS 1 to SS3, making the job even more burdensome. She stated that she would rather take a “dirty” job than a “clean” one that pays way less.

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In her words:

“Do you know how tiring that is?…. Do you know how many lesson notes I am going to be writing before the end of the month?”

Watch the video below:

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Replying to @adeshola_peperenpe WHY SOME EDUCATED NIGERIANS CHOSE TO WORK AS CLEANERS IN LIBYA. Jokes on you cuz we are living fine according to means 😋#nigeriangirlinlibya #viral #fyp #kadama #shagala #bintsirajj #ليبيا #libyantiktok #nigeriatiktok

♬ original sound – Kaothar Bint Sirajudeen

Some Reactions Below

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Toyah x said:

“Proud of you, it’s legit and clean money and I am happy you’re not ashamed of what you do. With time God will open bigger and better doors for you.”

Abdul wahab said:

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“Just love the way you put your words ma’am, best in Yoruba, best in English and best in Arabic, all for you only sis.”

Dav pat said:

“Omo ur English Dey carry me trabaye.”

Olubanjo Adigun said:

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“Well said my dear sister. God bless you my dear sister. May Almighty God bless your hustle.. it is well with you.”

Source: Legit.ng

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