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Imole: Lady “Scatters” Herself on the Floor, Cries for Mohbad, Carries His Pariwo Singer’s Photo



Imole: Lady “Scatters” Herself on the Floor, Cries for Mohbad, Carries His Pariwo Singer’s Photo
  • A Nigerian lady in black clothes cried as she mourned the passing of popular Nigerian musician, Mohbad
  • The lady would not stop crying as people watched and filmed her on the street in surprise and awe
  • TikTokers who saw her video expressed their sadness at Mohbad’s passing and how he said he never wanted to die

A video has shown the moment a lady remained inconsolable as she mourned Mohbad on her busy street.

She wore all black as she carried the musician’s framed photo and knelt on a bare floor. People filmed her.

Her mourning got many people emotional. Passersby could not help but take a look at the lady.

While some people passed by the lady, other took their smartphones out to record the lady’s show of grief fo Mohbad.

Watch the video below:

THETALK.NG compiled some of the reactions below:

sweezyomos said:

“Hope all this feelings are real cus if nah cruise e nur go better for unah ooh RIP Imole.”

baby_keyaan said:

“God take my husband give us Mohbad.”

Nana said:

“The voice I don’t what to die mohbad pls come back.”

Gift said:

“God take my ex, give us mohbad.”

Beekeh’s hairline said:

“Mohbad said pls help me I don’t wantu die nobody helped him we want Justice for Mohbad.”

Bash Ahmad Sewanu said:

“Omo the sound made me cry. I don’t really know Mohbad in real life but I just can’t sleep. Rest on imole.”

faith koker said:

“Miss u so much mohbad I felt somehow that am loving u while u are no more I’m so sorry.”

lilybaby said:

“Just don’t know how I do feel whenever I come across mohbad pictures or videos.”

Mohbad’s photo painted on Lagos street

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG earlier reported that a talented Nigerian artist painted the iconic photo of Mohabad on the street.

Despite the fact that it rained early while he was working, he did not give up. Many people praised his dedication.


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