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“I’m Lonely”: Beautiful White Woman, 40, Searches For Man to Love Her, Posts Video on TikTok



"I'm Lonely": Beautiful White Woman, 40, Searches For Man to Love Her, Posts Video on TikTok
  • A white woman cried out in a trending TikTok video, telling people that she has been lonely for a long time
  • The woman lamented that at the age of 40, she does not have a family of her own and this makes her sad
  • Her video immediately went viral and attracted more than 41k comments, with some people indicating interest in her

A white woman who is lonely has come to TikTok to search for someone who would love and cherish her.

In a video that generated many reactions, the woman said she is 40 years old and has been lonely for a long time.

White lady in search of a relationship.The lady said she is in search of someone who would love her. Photo credit: TikTok/@donnasantra.Source: TikTok

She said while her friends have successfully found love and started their own families, she has not been so lucky.

The woman specifically lamented that nobody gives her the attention that she so much craves.

She captioned the video:

“I’m 40, and I live alone. All my friends have their families and nobody seems to have time for me. I want to find love.”

After the video went viral, it attracted more than 41k comments as some people started indicating interest in showing her love and attention.

Watch the video below:

TikTok users react to video of a woman who is in search of love

@dalethompson501 asked:

“Why do people always post that they are single or guys don’t want them, but when somebody replies to their comment, they never reply back?”

@Cynthia Neitzel commented:

“I don’t see why you can’t find a man, your beautiful.”

@Dennis L Hendrix said:

“Hi beautiful. I would love to meet you.”

@davidludvik562 commented:

“You are so beautiful. Don’t cry.”

@robertsimon320 said:

“Don’t let people or life get you down. Keep smiling laughing and pushing forward! Take care.”

Lady cries out, says no man wants her

In a related story, THETALK.NG reported that a lady posted a video in which she cried that she hasn’t found love.

The lady said many men do not want to be with her, partly attributing the reason to her big nose.

People who saw the video agreed that her nose is big, but said she would still find her own man.


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