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“I’m finished”: 22-year-old lady in hot soup after sleeping with boss



"I'm finished": 22-year-old lady in hot soup after sleeping with boss
  • A 22-year-old girl convinced herself to get into a relationship with her married boss, thinking it was a wise decision
  • Not so long afterwards, their relationship crashed, and her life has sadly not remained the same since then
  • In a chat with THETALK.NG, a relationship expert, Peace Onwubu, reiterated that it was not advisable to date within the same company

Papa Moth, a TikTok user, has tearfully and openly confessed to sleeping with her 32-year-old boss.

Although he was 10 years older and married with children, she went ahead with the relationship and even slept with him.

Lady regrets sleeping with married bossLady in pain after sleeping with married boss
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In a heartbreaking TikTok video, she opened up about her ordeal, and tears rolled down her cheeks.

Papa Moth was 22 when she got the job and shortly afterwards, she developed feelings for her boss who was married with children.

Despite his marital status, she convinced herself that it was right to get into a relationship with him.

“I convinced myself that it was absolutely normal to date my 32-year-old boss when I had just turned 22 and that meeting his children was so normal.”

Papa Moth regrets decision to date boss, says he ruined her life

According to Moth, getting into a relationship with her boss at work ruined her life.

She explained that after they broke up, he didn’t want her in another relationship and warned her never to get involved with his ‘reps’.

However, married man constantly brings up issues about his wife to her face and tries to taunt her with his marital life.

In addition, Moth has unfortunately been receiving death threats from undisclosed individuals ever since.

She described her boss as an ‘awful’ person and regretted her decision to get entangled in a romantic affair with him.

Speaking further, she lamented that her boss should have known better not to sleep with her at that age.

“He’s actually a really awful human being too. Like this is the reason I’ve been getting unalive threats since. He was old enough to know better too and should’ve not slept with me”, she lamented in a video.

Relationship expert criticises relationship between boss and 22-year-old

In a brief chat with THETALK.NG, Peace Onwubu, a relationship expert, shared her thoughts about the relationship between the duo.

Aside from the boss being married with children, Peace noted that another major error was the belief that a boss and staff relationship was a great idea.

In her words:

“Well, while it is not true to say all relationships within a company must fail, some relationships have passed the test of time.

“However, I do not wholeheartedly support it as it could lead to a clash of interests and disrespect. Imagine a 32-year-old boss dating a new staff. Doesn’t he want to be respected? What does he aim to achieve? Marriage? I don’t buy the idea. I pray she heals from the trauma.”

Reactions as girl regrets dating 32-year-old boss

@lm8667 said:

“You were old enough to know better.”

@jaxpiss1990 reacted:

“I’m so sorry. you never deserved that, i hope you’re okay.”

@skootalooz reacted:

“You knew he had a wife who cares.”

@junsynth said:

“I’m so sorry. you don’t deserve any of this.”

@wes1206713 added:

“Shame on that nasty man.”

Watch the video below:

Lady who agreed to date her boss gets fired

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a young lady identified as @_boatemaa_x on TikTok cried out after her boss fired her.

She shared a WhatsApp screenshot of her boss’s unexpected message after giving him a chance in her life. Her boss hurled insults at her and warned her on WhatsApp never to step foot in his company.

Netizens in the comments section are eager to find out what exactly transpired between her and her boss.


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