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“I’m Expecting 2 Boys”: Pregnant Lady Dances Joyfully After Scan Shows She Will Have Twin Babies



"I'm Expecting 2 Boys": Pregnant Lady Dances Joyfully After Scan Shows She Will Have Twin Babies
  • An expectant mother shared a video showing people that she is expecting twin babies after going for a scan at the hospital
  • In the heartwarming video, the mother brought out the result of the scan and waved it up as she danced in uncontrollable joy
  • Her followers on TikTok quickly started congratulating her in the comment section, while some prayed to also have twin babies

A pregnant lady is overjoyed after a scan shows that she is expecting twin babies.

In a viral video, the woman took to social media to share the joyful news with her followers, who also congratulated her.

Pregnant woman who is expecting twins.The woman danced joyfully after the scan showed she was expecting twin babies. Photo credit: TikTok/@gracelove108.Source: TikTok

The video shows the lady dancing while waving the result of the scan in the air to show it to her followers.

She revealed that the two children developing in her womb were all baby boys. Her baby bump is yet to be visible, but the scan confirms she is expecting.

The heartwarming video she posted touched many of her followers. Some of them said they are praying to also have twin children.

At the moment, the short clip has over 7k likes and more than 1k comments after it was shared by @gracelove108.

Watch the video below:

TikTok users congratulate lady who is expecting twin babies

@happiness said::

“God that is my prayer. I’ve got 2 girls with 3 C’s and I lost the first one being a boy and now i am having 2 girls. Oh my good Lord, hear my prayers.”

@user7215754558038 commented:

“Congrats darling I tap from your blessings.”

@Realtor Linda said:

“I tap from this testimony.”

@Lily commented:

“Congratulations and I claim this blessing Amen.”

@Iamchilota said:

“Awwwwwwwn….I just put myself in your shoes. The joy too much.”

@Lolo with God said:

“God, please bless me with one. Any gender at all.”

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