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‘I’m a grown Man, Boys don’t eat noodles’: Little boy tells mum in viral video



A smart little boy has kept people in stitches with his funny comments at his family’s dining table.

After being served food by his doting mother, the little boy opened his eyes widely and maintained that he doesn’t eat noodles.

According to him, boys shouldn’t eat even noodles at all, not to talk of a ‘grown man’ like him.

“Boys don’t eat that. Boys don’t eat it. I don’t eat noodles. I’m a grown man”, he maintained.

Video keeps netizens in stitches

@_jhaycen_ said:

“At this point it’s obvious he’s lived 10 different lives before this one.”

@shesewgifted stated:

“Cuz said he don’t eat noodles but cuz it’s noodles in your bowl tho.”

@sommy_nriama stated:

“He has an impeccable sense of self, they should also cultivate his sense of community, he will be alright.”

@homoyemiopeyo said:

“Boyz don eat dat I don’t eat noodles am a grown man. Dis bross no go kill me I feel u bro.”

@shanninwillis445 reacted:

“Boys don’t eat noodles I don’t eat noodles I’m a grown man boy.”

Watch the video below:



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