If you want to be Successful in Life, Keep these 5 things SECRET

1. Your dreams and goals

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, it’s probably for the best that you keep all your dreams and goals in life to yourself. Because the more people you share them with, the less motivated you’re likely to become.

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Why? Because people always have something to say, and if you invite them into the conversation, they might try to fill your mind with criticisms, doubts, and discourage you, especially if they can’t understand why you want this or that. Don’t worry too much about that though, it’s not for them to understand. Your dreams are your own and you deserve to nurture them with the peace of mind only privacy can bring

2. Your relationship issues

Just like how you should keep your family problems within your family, it’s better to keep your relationship issues within relationship as well. Complaining too much about your significant other is only going to paint them in a bad light you tell them too, and although your anger and frustration might pass, others might not be so forgiving. And they might take you confiding your romantic troubles to them to mean that they actually have a say in your relationship, which they don’t.

3. Your income/financial situation

It’s something of an unspoken social rule that it’s generally considered rude to talk about money. Because no matter how much you make (or aren’t making), talking about your financial situation to other people is bound to either make them feel jealous, uncomfortable, or sorry for you. Complaining about being broke or comparing how much money you make with other people is never a good idea. After all, there’s not much they can do about it, so what’s the point? Better to just keep that between you and your bank account.

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4. Your private life

Letting other people in on the secrets of your personal life will ultimately work against you. In our current world trust is almost nonexistent. It is truly hard to meet an honest, trustworthy person these days. Why would you share sensitive information with people you don’t even know that well? Keep it to yourself.

What people don’t know they cannot ruin.


One of the most important things you should be careful about. Carefully judge to whom you can confide about your biggest weaknesses and troubles in your life. Not everyone who presents themselves as a kind and honest person turns out to actually be one.

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