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“I Wrote 19 Stories”: Man Who Did Writing Marathon Submits Evidence to Guinness World Records



"I Wrote 19 Stories": Man Who Did Writing Marathon Submits Evidence to Guinness World Records

Daniel Ehis Aiguokhian, the Nigerian man who staged a writing marathon in Calabar, has revealed that he does not know his mother. In an interview with THETALK.NG, Ehis revealed that his mother left him when he was as little as four years old.

Ehis was cared for by his aunt, who lived in Benin City. He said after his mother dropped him off with his aunt, he never saw her again.

Daniel Ehis Aiguokhian, the Nigerian man who did a 188-hour writing marathon.Ehis said he submitted evidence of his writing marathon to the Guinness World Records. Photo credit: Daniel Ehis Aiguokhian.Source: Original

How Ehis grew up as an orphan in Benin City, Edo state

His words:

“I grew up as an orphan in Benin City with no siblings, doing conductor work to survive. As time went on, I discovered I could write, and I began to develop it gradually. When I say I grew up as an orphan, what I mean is that I lost my dad while I was still crawling. My mom left me since I was 4 years old in the hands of my aunt with a promise she would be coming back every year to visit me.”

Despite his mother’s promises to come back for him, she never did. In fact, he said he hasn’t seen her since then. Ehis told THETALK.NG that he is still looking for his mother many years later.

He said:

“But ever since, I’ve not set my eyes on her again. I don’t know her name, and I don’t know where she’s from. I was only told by my late aunt that she was called MAMA COMFORT. That’s all I know about her. Till now, I’m still looking for her.”

Why Ehis did a 188-hour writing marathon

But Ehis seems to have overcome his challenges as his name is been heard because of his writing exploits. He attracted a lot of attention to himself after staging the writing marathon in Calabar, Cross River state.

He told THETALK.NG what motivates him:

“My motivations for going into the marathon writing was the fact that I wanted Nigeria and Africa at large to recognize and appreciate the works of writers. I wanted the world to see what writers go through to make sure they pen down their ideas to make the world a better place. I wanted the world to celebrate them more than they do. Also, I wanted young writers never to get discouraged as they experience blocks.”

Poeple recognise and appreciate his work

Ehis successfully completed the 188-hour writing marathon, and he said he submitted evidence of the work to the Guinness World Records. He is still waiting for verification. He has received accolades from Nigerians who are impressed by his writing prowess.

“The recognition I’ve received so far is from the commissioner for Youth Development, Cross River state, Bar. Ukom. He recognized and appointed me as an ambassador and a consultant for youth development in Cross River state. But it’s not yet official.”

“Apart from that, there’s no other recognition. I was able to write 19 stories during the marathon writing. Yes, I’ve submitted the evidence. But it’s still being reviewed.”

Ehis is a 300-level student of philosophy at the University of Canabar. If his record is verified and made official, he will become a Guinness World Record holder.

How Chef Dammy planned a new cookathon

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG reported that Chef Dammy had planned to hold another cookathon, which never materialised.

The cookathon was supposed to have taken place in July, but nothing has been heard about it ever since.

It is not clear why the planned cookathon never happened as announced.


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