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I would have left: Lady snubs friends who organized surprise party for her



I would have left: Lady snubs friends who organized surprise party for her

A young lady has ignited the wrath of netizens after she ignored the efforts of friends who organized a surprise party for her.

A trending video showed the woman snubbing friends and guests who came over to her house to surprise her on her birthday.

They expected her to scream and express appreciation, but to their dismay, the lady just walked in and ignored them with a frown on her face.

An eyewitness was heard screaming in the video:

“Why did you act like that? The way you act, you don’t see how you act that’s why people don’t wanna be around you? You pissed me off for real.”

Netizens kick against lady’s action

The video has sparked uproar online as netizens drag the lady for acting in such a manner.

@classyklife said:

“Everybody saying they would’ve left clearly she wouldn’t have gave af.”

@stinamitchell wrote:

“She would of made me mad cause I took time out my night to help with the surprise and you ain’t happy. I could of been in bed sleeping.”

@amandamartinnnn stated:

“Lmao you gotta make sure you’re surprising a person that likes the surprise as part of their house.”

@jesssoweird added:

“Some people don’t like to be the center. Made this mistake with my bd and he was so upset with me. He doesn’t like surprises.”

@mikeswifechandra wrote:

“Ppl don’t get it. If folks don’t want to be the center, regardless of your intent, you run the risk of us showing our NBA.”

@fithippiegirl stated:

“Imagine you come home after a long day and ur house is full of ppl u didn’t invite and they expect u to b happy abt it.”

@yaya.a.b added:

“I am assuming that she asked for no surprises and the guys proceeded with it anyway. And she feels disrespected and being ignored.”

@quet0502 said:

“Ion know if the lil voice over was you talking to her. But I see no lies in what you said. Because sometimes they don’t see it.”

Watch the video below:


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