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“I Wanted to Be A Nurse Too”: Brave Lady Quits University for Nursing School, Becomes Millionaire



"I Wanted to Be A Nurse Too": Brave Lady Quits University for Nursing School, Becomes Millionaire
  • A woman who had the courage to drop out of university and pursue her dream of becoming a nurse has shared her inspiring story of success
  • The woman revealed that she is now earning N60,000 an hour in the UK as a nurse, which is a remarkable achievement at the age of 21
  • She expressed her joy and gratitude for making the right decision and following her passion

A lady who dared to follow her heart and leave university to enroll in nursing school has shared her amazing story of how she became successful in her chosen career.

The lady posted a video on social media where she narrated her journey from being a university dropout to becoming a nurse in the UK.

Photo of NurseShe moved to nursing and became successful. Photo credit: TikTok/@itzgirldaySource: TikTok

She said that she is now earning a whopping N60,000 an hour as a nurse, which is an incredible feat for someone who is only 21 years old.

She also demonstrated that she is very happy and proud of herself for making the bold decision and pursuing her passion.

Her video has gone viral and it is likely to inspire many people who are facing similar challenges or dilemmas in their lives.

Watch the video below:

THETALK.NG compiled some of the reactions below:

DeeRnic reacted:

“I’m confused to be a nurse you go to college : junior college, community college or university.. many ways to get there but some form of college reg.”

VaprilV said:

“I got 1 more year left of college then I’m off to Pursuing my LPN career.”


“What specifically do you do?”

Big P:

“Aubate my LPN program in 8 I graduate months., Let me make this LPN $ now, that RN gone be waiting for me when I’m ready.”


“Do u have to go to college to be a nurse ik l’m a stay at home mom but ireally wanted to be a nurse tbh.”


“So do we not need atleast an associates c degree to become a nurse ??”


“Left uni & now I’m halfway done with my pharmacy & phlebotomist technician licenses.”


“Fellow LPN 23 years from MN we need to be friends.”


“Another day, another dolla Lmao me. Making $54 base pay 10% night differential and 25% weekend differential.”

Lady on vacation in UK discovers soft life, says she may not return to Nigeria

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG earlier reported that a lady is considering not returning to Nigeria after she travelled to the UK for a brief vacation.

The lady, Judith Samuel, said she discovered that working in the UK is less stressful than working in Nigeria.

Judith said people in the UK only work for four days a week, unlike Nigeria where people have to hustle for six days in the week.


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