“I see N7900 offer”: Cement seller fears going to the market, gives reason

  • A cement seller from Nigeria revealed his delinmma about whether to order a truckload of cement or wait for the price to stabilise
  • He posted on X that he received an offer of 7900 per bag but he was unsure whether to proceed
  • The cement price had risen a few weeks ago and had fallen recently but many sellers are wary

A Nigerian businessman who deals in cement disclosed his dilemma on X about whether to order a full truckload of cement from his supplier or wait for the market price to stabilise.

He explained that he got a tempting offer of 7900 naira per bag of cement, which was lower than the current retail price, but he was hesitant to accept it.

Photo of cement and the manThe man spoke about his dilenmma. Photo credit: @sirjarus/XSource: TikTok

Cement Seller in dilemma

As shared by @sirjarus, he was worried that the price of cement might drop further in the coming days, as it had been fluctuating a lot in the past few weeks.

See the X post below:

TheTalk.NG compiled some of the reactions below:

Esshman said:

“You’ll likely exhaust this stock before the price would get below 7900.”

Mobolaji Esther wrote:

“From #5700 to #10k+, 2018 was #2500, and they said na wind turbine dem dey use produce ooo, so nothing like dollar or any silly thing affecting them, yet it is soo pricey and they’re not reliable anymore, bricks going loose like sand even when you use the perfect ratio.”

Yakubu blogger commented:

“I forsee it coming down Sha.

But, it depends on how important what you want to use it for sir.”

Cement seller calls his customer, refunds N400 balance

Meanwhile, TheTalk.NG earlier reported that a man bought cement in Kaduna at N8,200 per bag and shared his experience on X.

The man, Ahmad Kargi, said he went home with the cement only to receive a phone call from the seller. According to Ahmad, the cement seller told him the price of a bag of cement had been reduced to N7,800.

The cement seller, therefore, offered to return a balance of N400 on each bag to the customer due to the reduced price.

Source: TheTalk.NG

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