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“I Never Stopped Loving You”: Lady Goes back to Beg Her Married Ex Who is Successful, Sad Chat Leaks



"I Never Stopped Loving You": Lady Goes back to Beg Her Married Ex Who is Successful, Sad Chat Leaks
  • A released WhatsApp conversation between a lady and her ex-boyfriend, who is married, has stirred mixed reactions online
  • The lady went back to beg her ex, unaware that he was married and has four children, as well as lives in a mansion
  • According to the lady, she regrets her action and blamed breaking up with him then on her friends’ advise

A lady has expressed regrets and returned to her married ex-boyfriend after she called it quits on their relationship years ago.

The lady’s message of regret was confirmed in a WhatsApp chat she had with him that was released on social media.

Sad lady, ex, married exIllustrative image of a sad and depressed lady.
Photo Credit: Kseniya Ovchinnikova, TikTok/@deep.coversationsSource: TikTok

In the chats, she first congratulated him on being successful and told him she never stopped loving him, blaming breaking up with him on her friends’ advise.

She lamented that her friends told her to leave him because he was broke. In his response, her ex replied that he is married to the love of his life, has four kids and lives in a 1.8 million mansion.

He dismissed her lamentations and thanked her for dumping him as he was now a success. The duo’s chats were shared on TikTok by @deep.coversations and got people talking.

People tackle the lady

D V J R A M Z E Y said:

“Hehehe let me work so hard. So that I have love my woman each and everyday of our life. Am soon becoming single. But I will love you my future wife.”

Tawanta Godfrey said:

“They will always try to come back later, even when they are married, a woman who left always check your life progress…”


“They’ll leave you while you build your company or finish your PhD. but think they’ll come back when you’re a successful businessman or professor.”

phakamanishandu said:

”As comforting as this conversation maybe.. it almost never happens. focus on your healing and growth. leave the rest to the elements.”

_DASTAR_ said:

“This is similar to what I went through. I made the right decision and left with no regrets. Great Post!”


”She is trying to leave me now,I have tried stopping her but I see she will leave me,its oky.”

slimedaddy said:

“You are right we have to lose people in our life I’m order to win.”

Venom said:

“Best revenge for a man to a woman is to elevate En never ever take her back.”

Man begs ex 6 months after break up

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a man had begged his ex-girlfriend six months after dumping her.

According to Simeon, he had been praying and fasting and God revealed to him that he needs her to fulfill his destiny.

The lady named Darasimi slammed him for not giving her a listening ear then but told him that she was now married and accepted that they could just be friends. Screenshots of their chats have stirred reactions online.


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