I married Lady who drinks and parties with hope I will change her, one day she did the “Unthinkable”

‘She left me a one and half years old baby‘: Evans Kidero married Pamela Anyango and separated after two years.

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According to Kidero, a born-again Christian, he married Anyango despite knowing she was a drunkard, believing he would help her change.

After two years of ups and downs, Kidero said Anyango one day called it quits and left their baby lying on the bed crying with a note:

Nimekuwachia mtoto wako” which means, “I have left your child” in English

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He alleged that even after giving birth in March 2018; the wife continued to party.

Narrating His story Evans Kidero said:

“Giving birth did not stop her from engaging in those weird behaviours. She could sometimes leave the baby alone at home and go, but so keen on time because she knew that I was aware of what she was doing behind my back,”

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How People Reacted to the Incident

Susan – A child who is left under the care of a parent is not abandoned.

Elijah – Marriage is not a rehabilitation centre for badly raised men and women. The moment you defied all odds and instincts to marry her despite her behaviour was the very moment you gave disappointment and heartbreak a warm kiss and a tight hug. Now,you are left heartbroken ,hating falling in love again. I am sorry for your predicaments, you will heal with time,you will find true love, you will smile again and be happy.

Anne wanjiku – Only God Almighty changes people’s and again you left decent women in your church and you fell in a drunkard hand what a shame! Ignorance

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