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“I Lived with This for 2 Years”: Man Exposes Girl who Stuck Sanitary Pad in Dryer, Calls Her Dirty



"I Lived with This for 2 Years": Man Exposes Girl who Stuck Sanitary Pad in Dryer, Calls Her Dirty
  • A man has shared his bitter experience of living with an untidy female flatmate for about two years
  • The young man shared pictures of dirty kitchen sinks, mouldy dishes, and even a sanitary pad stuck in the dryer
  • Frustrated by the lack of cleanliness, he expressed his struggles in maintaining a tidy living space

A young man has sparked a conversation on Twitter after exposing a dirty female roommate he lived with for two years.

He shared images of various instances where she left the kitchen in a messy state, with dirty sinks and mouldy pots.

Man exposes his dirty female roommate after two yearsMan exposes dirty female roommate he lived withSource: UGC

Man exposes dirty flatmate who refuses to clean up

Sharing the photos, he also highlighted a particularly unpleasant incident involving a used sanitary pad stuck in the dryer.

He felt trapped in an uncomfortable living situation due to a one-year lease agreement and financial constraints.

Speaking further, he revealed that he repeatedly asked his flatmate to clean up only to be met with dismissive responses.

He even admitted to shedding tears while cleaning up the mess on some days, highlighting the emotional toll it took on him.

Online backlash trail photos of dirty apartment

Netizens who came across the story voiced their strong opinions, labelling the flatmate’s behaviour as unacceptable and referring to her as a “pig.”

@hardejhoke2086 reacted:

“That’s pig not human.”

@bignamesure said:

“My current experience with this gal, I will run soon.”

@tosinjuls reacted:

“Another form of suffering.”

@usman_adenrele reacted:

“One thing I hate most is unwashed cooking pot full with water I hate that like mad.”

@yourprincecharming01 said:

“Nothing 5 o’clock no go see for choir rehearsal.”

@L_am_onyi_empire said:

“Oh God! I feel your pain man.”

@naijawondermum reacted:

“If you’ve ever had a roommate/friend that you shared rooms with that didn’t show you shege, you don’t know what God has done for you.”

@cruisewitheze commented:

“I go po!son her slowly. Me that get so pisssed off with a dirty environment. I dey quarrel most of my girls because of this, I mean girls that I dated. They just can’t take care of my house and kitchen like I do. I have to do it myself most times and they get so uncomfortable and angry.”

See the post below:

Lady shares video of man’s dirty house

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a lady has shown the condition of an apartment belonging to a man her friend met on Snapchat and decided to visit.

In a video reshared by @yabaleftonline, the lady said she accompanied her friend to the man’s place. She was disgusted by the state of the man’s apartment as she shared a video of a dirty toilet and rough-looking living room.

The fridge in the parlour also looked somewhat old. Many Nigerians had mixed reactions to the video. Some believed it was her boyfriend’s house and not her friend’s. Others said the apartment looked like a hotel.


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