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“I impregnated her in her final year”: Man shows off beautiful wife in graduation gown, she smiles



A man who is so proud of his wife graduating school has shared a beautiful video of the woman in a ceremonial gown

The man revealed that when he got her pregnant in her final year, she gave him strict warning that she must not fail in school

TikTokers who watched the wife smiling as she posed for photos praised the husband for being a supportive partner

A young man has shared a video of a very beautiful wife who he got pregnant when she was in her final year.

The man said his wife warned him that if she ever fails her exam with the condition he put her in, she would blame him.

The man’s video captured the moment the woman in a graduation gown as she finished school. Many called her a strong woman.

The caption on the clip partly read:

“She said she won’t forgive me if she failed. Now I am teasing her even as force her to take these pics.”

Watch the video below:

THETALK.NG compiled some of the reactions below:

Mrs. B said:

“She’s such a strong woman…I couldn’t go for my first graduation cus I was heavily pregnant. I bagged another degree and was heavily pregnant again.”

Racheal Raymonds said:

“I went to write my last paper while in labor don’t play with me.”

Victorytime said:

“This one in Accounting concept we called it……. Double entering.”

user2222606266569 said:

“Two certificates loaded congratulations.”

Empress_Rauz said:

“It’s wasn’t easy for her I can tell.”

user5173361393561 said:

“You do very well boss two certificates.”

uchechukwukingsle7 said:

“Double congratulations dear.”

Rev Solomon Nortey said:

“Congratulations ooooo. My Inlaw.”

Esther said:

“Bachelor baby. Congrats hun.”

user13871605528620 said:

“This is good, a supportive husband you are.”

lpulet Christine said:

“Very good success big congratulations to you guys.”


“I see myself in this video pregnant in my final year it hasn’t been easy congratulations dear.”

Lady gave births to 2 kids in 2 years

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG earlier reported that a young Nigerian lady, @meetmykids, went online to show how she got pregnant in 2020 and 2021, giving birth to two kids in two years.

She gave birth to her first kid in 2021. Just as she was nursing the child, another pregnancy came, and she delivered a baby boy the following year. According to her caption, “God showed her pepper”.

Pregnant women danced

Similarly, a video of pregnant women singing a sweet song at a maternity centre as they danced gently stirred massive reactions on social media.

In the video shared by @jacarandamaternity, a person could be heard telling them to rub their stomachs and say sweet words to their unborn children.


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