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“I Have Been Using it Since 2013”: Daniel Regha Posts Photos of His Shoes, Refuses to Throw Them Away



  • Popular social media influencer Daniel Regha has said he has a pair of shoes he has used since 2013
  • He posted photos of the shoes seeking advice from his followers as to how he could fix the peeling soles
  • Daniel, who says he hates fake life, told THETALK.NG that he wore the shoes to his convocation and that it was just only slightly damaged

Daniel Regha has shown his followers his pair of shoes, which he is seeking ways to repair.

Regha said the soles of the shoes are peeling away, a situation which he hopes to salvage.

Photos of Daniel Regha and his shoes.Daniel said he is looking for a way to fix the shoes. Photo credit: Twitter/@DanielRegha.Source: Twitter

He posted photos of the brown shoes, and it immediately sparked reactions among his followers on Twitter.

Daniel said he wore the shoes to his convocation and that he intends to still keep them if repaired so as to avoid wastage.

He wrote:

“Please how can I stop this my pair of shoes from peeling; I’ve had ’em since 2013, (my convocation shoes), but the soles are still very good. I can’t throw ’em away just yet.”

THETALK.NG spoke to Daniel, and he confirmed that he has two of the shoes and that he does not intend to waste them. He sent a photo of one of them to THETALK.NG

Daniel, who said he hates fake life on social media, said he does not chase clout.

His words:

“Whatever I post isn’t for clout. I wish people knew and understand that. Anyway, I’m hoping to find a good suggestion because I can’t waste these shoes. I hate it when people come online to fake their lives, if something isn’t completely damaged, why discard it?”

See his tweet below:

Reactions from Twitter users as Daniel Regha posts his shoes

@Obajemujnr_ said:

“If there is someone with the most rapid growth I can’t use as my prayer point, it is definitely Daniel Regha. I will suggest the Ghanaian government open a GoFundMe account for their favorite influencer. The world is watching. No offence.”

@girl_like_Sasha asked:

“Why does it look like the shoe dey laugh?”

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