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“I Felt Helpless”: Man Who Went to WAEC Office to Get Result Cries Out Over Encounter with Secretary



"I Felt Helpless": Man Who Went to WAEC Office to Get Result Cries Out Over Encounter with Secretary
  • A Nigerian man has shared his frustrating experience at the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) office
  • In a tweet, he recounted his encounter with the secretary who demanded a bribe and even asked him to buy snacks for her
  • Netizens who read his painful ordeal responded in the comments section by sharing their stories and consoling him

A Nigerian man identified as @UncleCCA on Twitter has narrated how he walked into the Yaba West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) office 10 years ago to apply for his statement of result to be sent to a school in the United States.

According to him, he sought expedited service and was directed to meet the secretary.

Man says he was asked to pay N5k for WAEC statement of resultPhoto credit: PIUS UTOMI EKPEI/ Getty Images.
Depicted person has no relationship with event in this story. Photo used for illustration only.Source: Getty Images

The secretary informed him that it would still take two months unless he was willing to pay a bribe of N5,000.

UncleCCA expresses disbelief at secretary’s response.

The woman stated that the lengthy process was the standard procedure unless he wanted to “shake body small.”

To his astonishment, she counted the money he paid in front of him and asked him to use N500 to buy ‘puff puff’ and malt for her across the road.

In his words;

“10 years ago, I walked into Yaba WAEC office at 9:10am to apply for my statement of result to sent to a school in US. I needed it urgently and asked for expedited service.

“I was told I have to go meet the secretary. Met with true secretary. The secretary told me bluntly that it would take 2 months even if I expedite and send with FedEx.

“I asked her why, she said that’s the process except I want to shake body small. It would cost me N5,000. Such a cancerous society, I had no other option.

“Counted the N5000 and gave it to her. This lady legit counted the money, took out N500 and asked me to help her buy puff puff and malt across the road. Ah! Me! with my own money. Never been furious and helpless in my life. I went and got her the malt and puff puff.”

Netizens share their stories in the comments section

UncleCCA’s tweet resonated with netizens who began sharing their frustrating experiences with bureaucratic processes and corruption.

The thread became a platform for people to vent their frustrations and highlight the need for change in such systems.

@MCalitoh commented:

“Me after paying additional 25k bribe and also paying delivery fee to my former school to get my transcript so I can credit the subjects in Philippine, after clearly writing my school address P.O. Box and cell number, the school still sent my transcript to Philadelphia.”

@MartinEmeto said:

“Go to nin, int’l passport, driver’s license, tax offices and you’ll pay humiliating fees and you’ll ask yourself questions.”

@AdewumiPr reacted:

“I am in that shoe now I want to collect my neco certificate now I was told ot can’t be found and I have never gone there to collect it, they found all their register they could not find where I sign that it has not been collected Nigeria is a m…. May God help us.”

@ Silvereddie101 commented:

“Na only puff puff u buy u de cry, be like them never give u file make u summit for another office go buy pure water. Then they go out and do meeting, u have to wait like 2 hrs and later they come back and focus on gist and you have to shout to be heard.”

@Ogechukwu said:

“A police officer once told me he’ll make money even if he’s posted to a burial ground and I asked how? He said he’ll just have to tell people that there’s no space for burial and people will willingly give him money to help secure any space at all.”

See the post below:

Man who cleared WAEC spends 19 years in university over missing result

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that Balogun Olujide, a 63-year-old rat poison seller at the BRT bus terminal in Oshodi, Lagos, has finally graduated from the Lagos State University (LASU) after 19 years of studentship at the institution.

Olujide, who gained admission into LASU in 2004 for a four-year degree programme in History and International Studies, could not graduate on time due to a case of missing results that took a long time to resolve, Tribune reports. Olujide’s academic journey started in 1993 when he cleared his WAEC in secondary school.

He then proceeded to LASU for a diploma course in Philosophy in 1998, which he completed in two years. He was admitted to the History and International Studies department as a Direct Entry student in the 2004/2005 academic session.


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