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“I Don’t Pay Rent Here”: Oyinbo Man Lives in Makoko Lagos, Video of His House Causes Buzz Online



"I Don't Pay Rent Here": Oyinbo Man Lives in Makoko Lagos, Video of His House Causes Buzz Online
  • An Oyinbo man is living in Makoko slum, an area considered to be reserved for the poorest of the poor in Lagos
  • He, however, said it doesn’t matter where one sleeps and that the people there love him, and he has built relationships with them
  • He said he does not pay rent in the house he lives in Makoko, and he also showed the interiors of the apartment

An Oyinbo man who lives in Makoko, Lagos, said life is all about relationships and not where one sleeps.

The man appeared in a now-viral video posted on TikTok by Steven Ndukwu.

Oyinbo man who lives in Makoko.The Oyinbo man said he does not pay any rent in the Makoko slum. Photo credit: TikTok/@stevenndukwu.Source: TikTok

In the short clip, the man is seen in Makoko, telling Steven that he does not pay any rent for the house he is living in.

Oyinbo man says he is loved in Makoko

He said the people in Makoko love him, hence his decision to live in the slum.

Steven posted the video with the caption:

“If you are tired of paying rent, you can move here!”

He opened his apartment and showed the interiors. The house looks as simple as possible.

The video has impressed many Nigerians, who said they admire the man’s humility.

Watch the video below:

Reactions as Oyinbo man chooses to live in Makoko slum

@Michael Fad said:

“The richest guy in Makoko is not a Nigerian.”

@Adeferrari commented:

“Part of me just tells me gold or diamonds dey Makoko.”

@Vicker said:

“Bro Are you sure there is no mineral Resources present in Makoko? There’s no smoke without fire.”

@DR. AKIN said:

“I would like to meet this man; I would like to introduce a sustainability design for the people of Makoko, and secure huge funding for them.”

@B$Movies commented:

“The way Makoko water dey black, I suspect something dey inside that water.”

Man shows off portable house on TikTok

In a related story, THETALK.NG reported that a Nigerian man had shown people a video of a portable house which could be taken to anywhere the owner wants.

The house, which is beautifully painted, has a tiled floor, bathroom and toilet and could be lifted and planted on the owner’s land.

TikTok user, Oladele, who posted the video, said all one needs to own the house is a parcel of land where it could be planted.


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