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“I don’t know where to start”: Lady cries like baby after boyfriend broke up with her



"I don't know where to start": Lady cries like baby after boyfriend broke up with her
  • A TikTok user wept as she videoed an emotional meltdown over her painful split from her boyfriend
  • She advised women not to open up to men for love because she believes they may suffer a similar fate
  • Her video, posted to her platform, had many people posting messages to comfort her in the comments area

TikTok user Chisomebubeogu let it all out as she filmed herself breaking down in tears over her split from her boyfriend, who harshly vilified her mother.

She wept on camera in the short clip shared to TikTok while she covered her face with a hand.

Photos of Chisomebubeogu.Pretty in tears after her boyfriend dumped her.
Photo credit: chisomebubeogu.Source: UGC

Sharing the footage on her account, Chisomebubeogu added a piece of advice to young women not to open up to men because of love.

“I’m broken. I don’t know where to start, but my advice to every young lady there is don’t open up to a guy because of love,” she said.

She explained that her ex-lover insulted her mum before their breakup, saying his harsh words did more damage than their split.

“I’m not crying because this guy and I broke up; I’m happy he showed his attitude but am emotionally traumatised, mentally stressed because this guy insulted my mum, also brought us down like I and my family was nothing,” she recounted.

Bella concluded by encouraging herself, indicating that she would rise from a nobody to somebody.

“… something in me knows I will make my mum the only jewellery I have to reap the fruit of her labour. I have no idea how I can do it, but it’s well I haven’t cried for any man before, but these pieces me,” she added.

Watch the video below:

Reactions to the meltdown

Many consoled Chisomebubeogu in the comments section. THETALK.NG compiled some of the touching remarks.

Agba_wan stated:

For your mum, I stand with you; nobody has the right to insult another person’s mum under any condition.

Seema bee indicated:

You need to start better. So start again.

Umelo-Faith commented:

Clean those tears. How about me? That the guy I am dating has gone to pay another girl’s bride price. I heard the news yesterday…be strong, babe.

Adeshewa mentioned:

Wen u are done crying, look into the mirror and encourage ur that u can do better without a guy in ur life no man deserves ur tears u are pretty

Man broke up with girlfriend

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG earlier reported that a young Nigerian lady, @doubledosestylishhome, shared a WhatsApp message she got from her boyfriend that ended their relationship.

In a screenshot of the message the lady shared on TikTok, the young man carefully crafted his thought in fine English as he said the lady was always the issue in their relationship.


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