I CHEATED on my Boyfriend 3 times he still accept me back – Here is why

A lady identified as Abike Adesupo has shared her experience with a boyfriend whom she claims loves her so much.

According to the lady named Abike Adesupo, her boyfriend loves her so much despite the fact that she cheated on him

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she revealed that she has cheated on her boyfriend three times with another man.

She shared a video of both of them dancing excitedly while noting that he is so much in love with her.

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Lu kamau – The man knows; just pray for your partner, become smart and humble. No need to leave her for another man, he has too much to loose, good man hold on, things will change with time

Margaret Nyawira – That’s very bad you have a Man and still You’re going out with other men’s…
That guy must be having a deep pain that no one knows….and he can revenge… threes time…
You lady just be careful.. unless you know what you know or you’re using some witchcraft…. there’re Six thing’s that Our God hates and they’re abomination to him…
In Proverbs 6:16-19…And the feet haste to run to evil… don’t be proud of saying so whatever goes around comes around

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Devinah matoke – He is pretending to be with you as he plans his revenge mission. No man or woman tolerates a cheat unless they are under a spell

Ken keen – They are both cheating, they both keep forgiving each other, let’s wait and hear from the man

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Henry Tings – that is what happens when you have low self-esteem and childhood trauma. poor guy

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