Husband cry as wife sing emotional song to him, video makes people react

A loving woman recorded the touching reaction of her husband as she dedicated a custom-made song to him in a viral video.

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@NeeshB_ shared the touching clip on Twitter and had all the peeps who watched it feeling joy and deep happiness.

The clip starts with the husband listening to the song and the lyrics. At first, he doesn’t know what the song is about, but soon enough, he realizes that the lyrics depict his and his wife’s love story.

The song progresses, and the husband’s face is engulfed by myriad emotions. The lyrics touch on pivotal and emotionally sensitive aspects that even bring their daughters, sitting in the back seats, to tears.

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Netizens worldwide could feel the deep sense of emotion radiating from the husband and complimented the wife for the thoughtful gift. See the comments:

@mohawk_arrogant posted:

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@Get_Ed7 said:

“A thoughtful black queen who appreciates her husband’s sacrifices for his family ❤️”

@twolivecru commented:

“You can do this on a SongFinch it’s $199. You get to pick the artist, style & everything. It’s definitely worth it.”

@abolanleeojo shared:

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@SFCA29 mentioned:

“My coworker said why you crying like a baby? And now we both crying like babies.”

@MonstaNerd34 shared:

“What is this sweat forming around my retinas?”

@PoweredUnity21 posted:

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@fina_ny commented:

“You see how HAPPY that man is? That is truly beautiful.”

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