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How to recharge your prepaid meter using Pin, Code, ATM



How to recharge your prepaid meter using Pin, Code, ATM

Recharging your electronic energy prepaid meter with credit has been simplified. A meter could be recharged when you load credit into your electronic energy prepaid meter through the customer smart card provided with the meter

The provided smart card is used to purchase, load, retrieve or sell power credit.

It is, however, necessary for a user to take the card to the power holding company of Nigeria (PHCN) for configuration.

Once configured, your smart card or recharge card can be used to recharge your electronic energy prepayment unit.

Energy credit could also be recharged with a 12-digit pin code.

Follow these steps to recharge your meter

1. Visit a dealer outlets or disco offices close to you with your meter card.

2. Present them with your card. Your card also which carries your meter number

3. Demand and pay for the credits you can afford

3. Immediately your account is credited, you would be provided with a 20 digit codes that comes along with your receipt.

4. You are expected to enter the 20 digit code through the UIU Keyboard.

Recharging your meter with the codes

1. Make sure that the control box is connected to a power source.

2. Now enter the 20 digit recharge code for activation. The codes will be displayed on the UIU LCD screen as you type.

3. If you mistakenly type the code, press the red button to cancel the activation. But if the codes are correct, press the green button to activate the code and recharge.

4. If the Token entered is correct, the screen will display “ACCEPT” which mean that the recharge was successful.

5. But if the screen displays “REJECT”, this means the code was not accepted and the recharge FAILED. You might have have entered a wrong or invalid recharge code.

Recharging with a card

On getting home, open the card door of your monitor unit and Insert smart card in the proper direction indicated on card, ensure that the control box is connected to a power source.

The monitor unit’s LCD screen will display symboy like this “——-“.

This is an indication that your meter and card are communicating (credit loading is incomplete).

The updated credit level of your meter will be displayed on the LCD once credit loading is complete.

You are not expected to remove your smart card while loading is incomplete. This can damage your smartcard, meter, or both.

Check meter number, balance and total credit used

Check meter number: To know your meter number, press 65 then the blue button, the meter number is the 11 digit numbers that displays on the screen.

Balance: To check balance, press “07” on the keypad and then press the blue button. The available balance will be displayed in this format. (102.12).

Total credit used: To check the credit used, press 07 on the keypad and press the blue button, then wait for the reply to be displayed as shown above.

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