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How my husband brought his Sidechick, slept with us turn by turn in same bed (video)



How my husband brought his Sidechick, slept with us turn by turn in same bed (video)

Ruth has revealed how her husband brought his Mistress in their matrimonial bed one night.Since her husband was harsh to her she didn’t ask him who she was to avoid being beaten or kicked outside at night.The man slept with both of them in turns from 11pm to 2 am

She Was born and raised in Nakuru.She dropped out of school while in form two.She got married to her father’s friend who would visit them every week.He would buy her goodies whenever he visited this made her to fall for him at such tender age.

When he took her in his house,she found out that he had kids who were her age mate.They welcomed her well but after 4 months they started disrespecting her to an extent of insulting her.They relocated to Naivasha where they rented a house.

They were blessed with three day her husband went home at round 9pm accompanied by a woman.She welcomed them well and served them dinner. In her mind Ruth thought it was her husband’s co-worker. At 11 she showed the lady where to sleep.

Her husband told her that they will sleep in one bed.Ruth was confused but she couldn’t ask her husband any question to avoid being beaten or Kicked outside. They went to her bedroom where the man told them that they were both his and he is going to make merry to both of them.

According to her he slept with them in turns from 11pm to 2 am.In the morning the woke up showered and prepared breakfast together. Ruth did all that to avoid conflicts.When the the lady went,she told her husband to choose her or the lady.The husband chose his Mistress that is how her marriage ended.

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