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How Man converts old container into beautiful mansion, video got people talking



A Nigerian man has shared a nice TikTok video showing how he converts containers into offices.

He showed the posh-looking offices on the TikTok handle of @tinspaces and instantly went viral.

His followers on the platform were wowed by his creativity and the beautiful look of the container.

But initially, anyone looking at the container may not have guessed that it could be that useful as an office.

Yet, after he has worked on it and had it placed strategically, it got people wanting one.

Watch the video below:


Progress in 9 seconds. What do you think??😍 #containerhouse #tinspaces #constructionlife #shippingcontainerhouse #building #construction #engineering #viral

♬ original sound – Ola Bee

TikTokers praise him for his creativity

One TikToker said he would want one of such but complained of the expensive cost.

Another user said the government should contract the creative man to build townships.

@Melusi Bhengu said:

“I want this so bad but containers are expensive.”

@user2725642983873 said:

“It’s nice until the temperature becomes high.”


“Dope creativity.”

@UserIssap said:

“Good stuff, what are the exterior panels made of?”

Pemi Junior commented:

“Shey my eye dey pain me?”

@rosekiss said:

“I want this how do I get it.”

@Anisah Shaik commented:

“The govt needs to contract u to build our townships!!!”

@ep._.m said:

“Down right amazing. I’d love to own house built similarly to this.”

@WamsCob said:

“I am interested in this, please reach out.”

@Irospounds said:

“Can’t the containers be use for apartment as well.”


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