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“How did it enter?”: Goat’s head gets stuck in small kettle, video goes viral



"How did it enter?": Goat's head gets stuck in small kettle, video goes viral
  • A goat nearly didn’t make it out alive after it got stuck in a narrow kettle, which left it gasping for breath
  • In a viral video that has generated much laughter, people gathered to help rescue the goat from the kettle
  • When it was finally freed, the goat ran with speed and disappeared from the scene in a very funny way

A goat that got its head stuck in a kettle was lucky to be rescued after neighbours gathered at the scene.

In a funny video which is trending on social media, the black goat seemed to have been looking for something to chew in the kettle.

A goat which goat stuck in a kettle.Neighbours gathered and helped rescue the goat. Photo credit: Twitter/@AkpraiseMedia.Source: Twitter

Luck ran out of it as its head got stuck in the cooking utensil, and it was left gasping for breath.

The goat blindly ran around with the kettle on its head, trying to find a way out, all to no avail.

Luck smiled on the goat when some neighbours gathered at the scene and started looking for a way out of the situation.

In the end, the goat’s head was forced out of the kettle, and it quickly ran away with so much speed.

Watch the video below:

Netizens react to video of a goat stuck in a kettle

@official_adags said:

“Next time, If this goat see kettle or even pot e no go ever near am for him life.”

@official_adags commented:

“The thing wen the goat dey find since e don finally see am.”

@official_adags said:

“Wetin you go find for inside sokoto?”


“How did the head get in there?”

@HardinDude said:

“Naso Balon D Or dey always wan attach itself to Messi.”

@CalebOkike1 commented:

“This goat go explain tire.”

@Gen2stephen said:

“Animal will always remain animal.”

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