How 6-year-old boy rescue 2 Nieces from fire outbreak

No one would think a 6-year-old can reason on how to rescue someone’s life, meet a 6-year-old who rescued his two nieces from a burning house.

Richard Kitonga is only 6-year-old and he has left Kenyans amazed after rescuing his two nieces from a burning house.

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According to Richard’s mother, she had gone to the shop and left the three kids in the house while the incident happened.

Richard claims that the fire broke while they were inside and he had to find a way on how to save his two nieces who were with him in the house

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Richard rescued Pendo and Christine through a fence before the neighbours intervened and put off the fire.

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The mother claims that she will forever be greatful to her son for rescuing the lives of the two nieces.

Kenyans have also reacted to the story where they have recommended Richard for action some claiming he should be rewarded as a way of appreciation.

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