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Homosexuality could be rampant in UPND says Socialist party top official Dr Musumali

Cosmas Musumali

Homosexuality could be rampant in UPND

… says SP top official Dr Musumali

25th June 2022

The battle of queer sexuality between the UPND and the Socialist party has escalated with SP warning that UPND could be opening a Pandora box on the matter.

In no uncertain terms Dr Cosmas Musumali the vice president of the the SP has told the UPND leadership to a homo audit in its party before accusing others of queer sexual orientation.

“If the UPND really wants to debate the issue of homosexuality,” Dr Musumali said, “then let it start with its own leadership. Let the UPND look within its high ranks.”

He added that once UPND does a homo audit, which could even be in top level government offices, they will, “find out who the gays are. Zambians would be eager to hear the results of such an outing.”

The gay battle between UPND and SP began when Southern Province Minister Cornelius Mwetwa accused SP leadership of being gay simpathiser, implying that its leader Fred Mmembe could be gay, an accusation he has already rejected at various fora.The gay matter between the two rivals has gone back and forth even sucking in President Hichilema who was at pains to deny the gay matter at church funeral recently, as speculation mounts that most of the Presidents closest advisors are homosexuals.

Many Zambians however feel that the issue of who is more gay than the other between UPND and SP members must not dominate the nation when prices of mealie meal are spiralling high out of control.The UPND has not countered the SP as the gay war rages on.

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