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HH desperate to get Kabushi, Kwacha – M’membe



Fred M’membe

Socialist Party president Fred M’membe has charged that President Hakainde Hichilema (HH) is desperate to ensure his UPND gets the Kwacha and Kabushi seats on the Copperbelt province, reports Martha Banda.

The by-elections if not stopped by the High Court are due this Thursday. The PF backed by the Socialist Party are trying to stop the elections to enable their candidates contest.

President Hichilema according to the program released he is spending five days campaigning in the two constituency the situation M’membe describes as desperate.

Dr M’membe has accused President Hichilema of trying to influence the Electoral Commission of Zambia and Judiciary to ensure Joseph Malanji and Bowman Lusambo are put kuwire.

In an article below obtained by Zambian Eye, Dr M’membe says in the process mistakes will be made:


Mr Hakainde Hichilema seems very desperate to rob Mr Bowman Lusambo and Mr Joseph Malanji of their Kabushi and Kwacha parliamentary seats respectively. Every desperate decision and action has been taken to ensure that Mr Hichilema gets Kabushi and Kwacha parliamentary seats. The courts have been visibly put under a lot of pressure to unjustifiably and unfairly nullify these seats and send Mr Lusambo and Mr Malanji ku wire. And the Electoral Commission of Zambia has been made to take wrong decisions and ensure that Mr Lusambo and Mr Malanji do not file their nominations and are kept out of contest at any cost and to the very end.

To crown it all, Mr Hichilema takes five days of very valuable presidential time to do door to door campaigns in Kabushi and Kwacha!Why this desperation on the part of Mr Hichilema? The term “desperate” comes from the Latin word “desperatus,” which means to be deprived of hope. It is a feeling of helplessness and loss of control. It is also a state of mind where an individual is willing to do anything to escape a difficult situation.

This kind of thinking makes desperate people think that they have no other options but to take drastic actions to survive. Because of this, many are led to make poor decisions that only worsen their situation. This is precisely why it’s crucial to think about the many different possible outcomes of each action we take. More than that, we must be ready to face the consequences—should our desperate measures lead to negative results. It is said that when they face desperation, human beings become animals. Desperate and dammed persons share an affinity for flirting with danger; an infectious case of erotic morbidity fetters them to self-destruction.

The more desperate you are the more mistakes you make. There is nobody more terrible than the desperate – desperate people do desperate things! Desperation can make a person do surprising things. But desperation is like stealing from the Mafia: you stand a good chance of attracting the wrong attention. As a reckless vehicle, desperation has no reign. But, it would seem in Mr Hichilema’s scheme of things, virtually all the passengers on his troubled vehicle are refusing to care about the role which reign plays in the movement of a reckless vehicle. To them, recklessness is key in political competition. And in the process they are ready to bring down the standing of the Electoral Commission of Zambia and our entire judiciary – in a word, they are ready to destroy our democracy just for them to get what they want!

Fred M’membePresident of the Socialist Party

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