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“He Wants You to Pick Him”: Husband Angry as Wife Picks Fair Man over Dark Man, She Apologises



"He Wants You to Pick Him": Husband Angry as Wife Picks Fair Man over Dark Man, She Apologises
  • A hilarious clip of a husband’s prank on his wife by asking to pick from a group of men has gone viral on social media
  • The husband showed his wife a photo of several men and asked her to pick her favourite one
  • The wife chose a fair-skinned handsome man, much to the dismay of her husband, who is dark-skinned

A funny video of a husband who tried to prank his wife by showing her a picture of different men and asking her to choose the most attractive one has become an online sensation.

The wife, without hesitation, picked a fair-skinned, handsome man, leaving her husband stunned and annoyed.

Photo of husband in his stateThe wife tried to apologize to the man. Photo credit: TikTok/@merald.xxSource: TikTok

The husband, who is dark-skinned, expected his wife to select a man who resembled him since she had professed her love for dark men and had married one.

Wife laughs and apologises to husband

However, the wife’s choice revealed her preference for fair men, which made the husband feel insecure and betrayed.

The video, shared on various social media platforms, has tickled the funny bones of many netizens, who commented on the wife’s candid response and the husband’s hilarious reaction.

Some also praised the couple for their sense of humor and ability to make fun of themselves.

The video is a perfect example of how humour can spice up a marriage and keep the romance alive.

Watch the video below:

THETALK.NG compiled some of the reactions below:

F2geezy reacted:

“See Sam Larry wey dem dey find.”

Toriaofficial said:

“If he ain’t this dramatic, ion want it.”

Boo baby wrote:

“Darling you’re supposed to pick him always.”


“He’s sassy. Is he from Edo?”


“Why you go pick.”


“God am ia tiktok comment?”


“You hurt him.”

Extravagant Grace:

“He is seriously pained. Bros was expecting tou tO say that you choose him now and forever.”


“Bro’s e never reach like that nows aunty you sef nor try.”

Juli osab:

“Dark guys naim you like”

Husband play-fights his wife in funny video, wrestles her to ground and celebrates

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG earlier reported that a man and his wife left earned the admiration of netizens after they were recorded doing playful wrestling.

One of their children, @shiandfamily, who shared the video on TikTok, said the man plays a lot and is never serious.

In the clip, the man charged at his wife and began a playful brawl. The man successfully but carefully wrestled his wife to the ground in seconds.


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