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“He Wants to Roleplay, Makes It Spicy”: Husband Calls Work Wife Like Call-girl to His Car



"He Wants to Roleplay, Makes It Spicy": Husband Calls Work Wife Like Call-girl to His Car
  • A heartwarming video of a wife and her husband’s playful romance has gone viral
  • The husband pretended to be a stranger who flirted with his wife as he picked her up from work in his car
  • The wife enjoyed her husband’s act and noticed how he always dressed smartly when he came to get her

A video that captured the sweet and playful romance between a married couple has melted many hearts online.

The video showed how the husband surprised his wife with a fun and flirty role play as he came to pick her up from work in his car.

Photo of the okhifosThe wife and the husband roleplay. Photo credit: TikTok/@theokhifosSource: TikTok

He acted as if he was a stranger who was interested in his wife and called her over to his car. He complimented her on her beauty and asked her to join him for a ride.

The wife did not play along with her husband’s act but sounded as though she enjoyed it. She also noticed how he always made an effort to dress smartly and look good when he came to fetch her from work.

The video revealed the strong bond and intimacy that the couple shared, and how they kept their romance alive with humour and creativity.

The video has gone viral on social media and has received many positive comments from viewers who admired the couple’s relationship.

Watch the video below:

THETALK.NG compiled some of the reactions below:

User739484747383 reacted:

“He wants to roleplay.. yoU should have played along to keep things spicy.”

Lady_nuela said:

“Very romantic this is actually my love language, doing spontaneous things it gives me the sense of yoU thinking of me.”

Adaenugu1 wrote:

“Awww God when love your relationship marry your friend.”

Efya Licia commented:

“Pls is your husband single? i won use the answer fill my forms.”


“True definition of marry your friend.”

Kings David:

“See fine Uber driver naw.”


“Keep it interesting. He knows what’s up listen to that man.”

Husband acts like his wife does in the house, ties towel & wears shower cap

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG earlier reported that a woman has gone online to show people how her two years wedding anniversary was celebrated in her home.

As a way to mark their love, the woman asked her husband to role-play how she acts at home.

With a towel tied around his body and shower cap on, the man walked out of the bathroom behaving like his wife as he complained about clothes hanging around the house.


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