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“He Liked It Low-key”: Lady on Airplane Asks Passengers to Celebrate Her Husband’s Birthday



"He Liked It Low-key": Lady on Airplane Asks Passengers to Celebrate Her Husband's Birthday
  • A lady decided to make her husband’s birthday unforgettable by announcing it to the passengers on a flight
  • She stood next to him and shouted that it was his special day and asked the passengers to join her in celebration
  • The passengers responded with cheers and wishes, making him feel loved and appreciated

A woman who wanted to make her husband’s birthday memorable came up with a brilliant idea to surprise him on a flight.

She stood beside him and shouted out loud that he was celebrating his birthday today.

Photo of lady and husbandThe husband appeared happy by the gesture. Photo credit: TikTok/@becomingdanakaySource: TikTok

She asked the passengers to join her in wishing him a happy birthday and making him feel special.

The passengers were delighted to hear her announcement and responded with cheers, claps, and birthday wishes.

The husband was overwhelmed by the gesture and appeared to be grateful for it.

The video of the adorable birthday surprise on a plane was captured by a fellow passenger and shared online, where it received thousands of likes and comments.

Watch the heartwarming video of how a woman surprised her husband on his birthday on a flight below:

THETALK.NG compiled some of the reactions below:

Chawklit reacted:

“I guarantee she forced him to go on a “birthday vacation” that he also had to pay for.”

Lundon74747 said:

“The Curly Coopers were on that flight with you. They’re a family on YouTube. They’re in this video.”

Ddg63837 wrote:

“Happy Birthday Chocolate Biscuit.”

Millie Padilla:

“Happy Birthday Chocolate Biscuit!!”

Mariah Cole:

“He liked it lowkey.’


“Not the curly coopers in the back.”


“Curly coopers?!!!!! Oh also happy birthday haha.”

Crystall Da’she:

“You embarrassed him but it was good.”

Yvette Nicole:

“In kenya my country u could be abused seriously.”


“The curly cooper’s sitting behind you!”


“The way am shy, I can even faint.”

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