He is not a Baby, He is 29-year-old Man, Here is What STOP him from GROWING [VIDEO]

A young man who still looks and sounds like a baby has shared his story on TikTok.

The 29-year-old man identified as Pingping on TikTok said he was diagnosed with an illness which stopped him from growing.

He however wrote in the caption of his video that his family is willing to take care of him and call him baby.

In his words:

“My name is Pingping. I’m 29 years old. I can’t grow up because of an illness. My family is willing to call me baby.”

Viral videos shared via his account on TikTok showed him giggling like a baby. Others showed him standing or sitting while letting out a lovely smile.

Netizens react as Pingping shares his story

@angelswan96 said:

“You have a very good brother Pingping! He cares about you alot & protect you from harm. Many blessings to you & your brother. Take care.”

@veletagillispieroberts wrote:

“Hey PingPing. I’ve missed you! You’re always the first person I look for when I come here! You make me so happy.”

@mi2_5nd_29 noted:

“This is literally one of the parents wishes please always be my baby. Cutie pingping!”

@alananatasha_ asked:

“Can he understand things? I know he’s 29, but there’s alot of questions I need to know. So cute.”

@misstarlight71 said:

“I wish we could have what he’s saying translated it would be so amazing to see it.”

@420proud_jewels commented:

“This like my dream as a parent I loved when my son was around his age and size I’ve always wished he could stay that way! You’re absolutely adorable.”

@violetl_67 stated:

“Hi pingping you have a beautiful laugh & your family is very blessed to have you what a wonderful father. It’s very beautiful where you are.”

Watch video below:


My name is Pingping. I’m 29 years old. I can’t grow up because of illness! My family is willing to call me baby

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