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“He Got a Lift”: Dog Climbs on the Back of Tortoise, Rides it Like Horse as Video Trends on TikTok



"He Got a Lift": Dog Climbs on the Back of Tortoise, Rides it Like Horse as Video Trends on TikTok
  • A funny dog was spotted in a video as it mounted a small tortoise and rode on its back as if it was riding a horse
  • The clip showed how the tortoise carried the dog to a little distance before the dog fell off and landed on the grass
  • The video is generating a lot of laughter on TikTok as netizens ask the dog if it has paid the transport fare to the tortoise

A dog and a tortoise engaged in a friendly ride, which was captured in a trading TikTok video.

In the video, which was posted by @goldensun_pet, the dog mounted on the back of the tortoise and rode it like a horse.

The dog rode on the back of the tortoise.The dog took a ride on the back of the tortoise. Photo credit: TikTok/@goldensun_pet.Source: TikTok

The funny scene was recorded in a grassy area, and the dog behaved as if it had seen a special vehicle to take it to wherever it was going.

As soon as it mounted the tortoise, the small animal started moving, ‘driving’ the dog to a little distance.

It was funny to see how the dog fell off the tortoise’s back. The video stunned many netizens, who laughed out loud in the comment section.

Some said the tortoise deserved to be paid for the ride it gave to the dog.

Watch the video below:

TikTok users react to video of a dog riding a tortoise

@[email protected] asked:

“Have you paid for the transport?”

@talia asked:

“What kind of turtle is this?”

@Sergiopoder7 said:

“Slow but safe trip.”

@mogirl said:

“Latest Mercedes Benz.”

@serahmiles981 said:

“The tortoise is stronger than me.”

@Marlen.Lover said:

“The turtle in his mind; ‘hey buddy, I’m not just walking slowly, and you’re on top of me. Really?’

@marceloalvarado483 said:

“With that taxi, you will go around the world in twenty and four hours.”

@Nayiga Angel said:

“But you’re going to be delayed because that means of transportation is so slow.”

@Walter felex

“He got a lift.”

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Source: TheTalk.NG

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