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“Go and do ashawo”: Dad’s reply to daughter asking him for money leaks online



"Go and do ashawo": Dad's reply to daughter asking him for money leaks online
  • A leaked Instagram chat involving a dad and his 20-year-old daughter has sent social media into a frenzy
  • In the chat, his daughter lamented about not having money in school and how her dad was never there for her
  • In his response, the man blasted her, saying she should sell her body and compared her to kids who buy houses for their parents

Mixed reactions have trailed a leaked Instagram chat involving a Nigerian dad and his 20-year-old daughter supposedly in Nasarawa Polytechnic.

Pouring out her heart to her dad on Instagram, the lady said she lacked money and tackled her dad for never being available.

Father, daughter, schoolImages of a man and a young lady for illustration purposes and not related to the story.
Photo Credit: Ad_doward, LWA, X/@yabaleftonlineSource: Getty Images

According to her, each time she asked for money he always gave excuses. She wondered how they wanted her to survive in school with no support.

Quite surprisingly, her dad lashed out at her, saying she was being disrespectful. The man angrily advice her to sell her body for money (ashawo in local parlance).

He added that her mates were buying houses for their parents why she was bothering them. The leaked chats shared by @yabaleftonline on X got many talking.

Check out the father-daughter conversation below:

The chats left netizens divided

@cacagents said:

“Probably his father married another woman, not an appropriate response from a great father but I don’t have the whole information, may she find help or a a way out.”

@naturalboifilmz said:

“A typical African dad. No empathy, no emotional intelligence, no accountability, just agidi and noise.

“Whenever I see this kind of father I can’t thank God enough for how lucky I am. May your soul rest in peace DAD .”

@bright___r said:

“If you can’t take care of a child, why bring them into the world?? Some African parents need to learn to cater for their children, that’s your responsibility! Nobody forced you to birth a child!”

@Jessica_Egbedi said:

“God have mercy…

“What can 4k do for someone in a month?”

@salawueedris1 said:

“Alhamdulilah for my late father.

“He tried his best.

“May Almighty Allah forgive his shortcomings and grant him Al janah Fridaus.”

@Denix001 said:

“Your father writes well, he even uses his punctuation marks correctly, but he has the “follow man or do ashewo” mentality and can’t provide for you?

“Dey play .”

Dad blasts daughter for going on date night

In a related report, a lady shared how her dad reacted to finding she went on a date night.

She posted some WhatsApp screenshots showing the messages her father sent to her after seeing her viral date night video. Captioning the video, she wrote;

“POV: Your strict father finally saw your date night Vlog that went viral.”

Man lashes at daughter for asking for iPhone 8

Meanwhile, TheTalk.NG previously reported that a man lashed out at his daughter for asking for an iPhone 8.

The father got so angry and scolded her. The man said the child should think about her future.

The girl (@_prettyy._.yorubagirl) tried to remain calm as the father said his future was not secure with her and thanked God she was not his only child.

As the man spoke in a TikTok video, his wife reprimanded the child. They said instead of her asking how her fees would be paid if she got admission, she was thinking of an iPhone.

Source: TheTalk.NG

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