Saturday, August 20, 2022

South Africa

Gatvol of potholes? Retailers now selling asphalt

The constant outcry over potholes in this country has prompted retail businesses to tap into the market of selling asphalt.

While, asphalt can be used for things such as roofing, coating, tiling, sound and waterproofing, retailers seem to be targeting active residents who wish to patch potholes affecting the smoothness of their roads.

Leading this market are selective SPAR retailers. The Damdoryn SPAR is one of few branches, targeting ‘GATVOL’ residents who are tired of waiting for someone else to fix potholes on their streets, as their catchphrase suggests.

A number of proactive communities, working with private companies, have in the past dug deep into their own pockets and bought asphalt.After buying, rolled up their sleeves and patched potholes that caused driving unpleasant for motorists in their communities.


According to Arrive Alive, threats from potholes can be more severe than merely financial risk. “We have witnessed crash reports of even fatal crashes caused by head-on collisions directly related to potholes”.

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Vehicle damage includes:* One or more deflated tyres* Severe cracks or bulges in the tyres* Dents in the wheel rims* Alignment problems* Fluid leaks, which may mean your undercarriage is damaged* Odd noises coming from the exhaust system.

Arrive Alive says motorists should be cautious on wet roads, driving at night, in areas with poor street lighting and where warning signs have been erected, especially in smaller towns or rural areas.

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