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Former “Jackass” star Bam Margera placed on ventilator for COVID-19 and Pneumonia. Keep him in your prayers



Former “Jackass” star Bam Margera placed on ventilator for COVID-19 and Pneumonia. Keep him in your prayers

Sources close to the situation tell us Bam was hospitalized in San Diego earlier this week. He then tested positive for Covid while in the hospital … and since then we’re told doctors decided to put him on a ventilator. He’s being treated in ICU, but his condition is stable.

Since then, we’ve seen him partying it up in Atlanta in September, and hitting Las Vegas the following month. We’re told Bam never completed his court order and many people close to him were concerned for the former ‘Jackass’ star.

Our sources say the so-called “Free Bam Movement” — which was fueled by online speculation his family put him in a conservatorship similar to Britney Spears — really confused Bam and hurt his recovery process.

We’re told it got so bad, his family and temporary healthcare guardian — who’s a longtime family friend — started receiving threats over the summer, and had to address it publicly.

Get well soon, Bam! According to TMZ, a Judge restructured Bam’s treatment to no longer require him to reside at an in-patient facility, as he has been doing this past year.

However, he will reportedly still have to see a psychiatrist regularly, and he will be required to remain sober and continue taking classes.

In May, the skateboarder celebrated ‘one year of treatment’ for drug and alcohol abuse at a Boca Raton facility and planned on attending outpatient treatment classes for the next two months. MailOnline has contacted representatives for Bam for more information.

It comes after a difficult year for Bam who has been treating drug and alcohol abuse issues in rehab on and off.

Just weeks later, he was reported missing by his rehab facility on June 13 after he fled the facility for the second time.

Sheriff’s deputies and a crisis intervention team found the troubled TV star days later at a hotel in Deerfield Beach, Florida, and took him back to a different rehab facility.

The reality star claimed that he left the treatment center because he was worried that he was being kept from seeing his son and he was concerned he wouldn’t be able to raise him if he was in rehab.

He has reportedly been estranged from his wife Nikki Boyd, who hasn’t made attempts to contact him since he has been in rehab.

In May, the Jackass alum broke his right wrist ‘for the 10th time’ and dislocated his right elbow while skateboarding, but he refused pain medication due to his sobriety.

Margera has been residing in rehab for a year in the wake of a September 2021 incident in which authorities answered an emotional disturbance call.

In February of last year, the former Jackass star shared a troubling video admitting he had been dealing with suicidal thoughts.

The MTV personality, who has long struggled with substance abuse, talked about considering suicide, revealing he went so far as to look up how to tie a noose online.

In June, Margera privately settled his wrongful termination lawsuit against the Jackass creators over his firing (due to testing positive for Adderall) from the successful fourth film, Jackass Forever.

Also, in June, Jackass director Jeff Tremaine said Bam threatened him and his family in a successful petition to obtain a temporary restraining order against the one-time MTV star.

In a text message, Bam vowed to Tremaine, ‘I’m gonna kill you in one mother f****** punch.’ The bad blood stems from Bam’s removal from Jackass 4 in February amid concerns from producers about his dependability and sobriety.

Insiders told TMZ that Margera failed to meet stipulations of an agreement from producers that included drug testing, breathalyzer testing, taking his prescribed medications, and visits with a mental health professional.

In May, Jackass staple Steve-O took to Instagram to defend Tremaine and Knoxville for helping organize a life-saving intervention when he had severe substance abuse issues.

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