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“First ones are not always the best”: Lady hugs dad after seeing her first car



“First ones are not always the best”: Lady hugs dad after seeing her first car
  • A heartwarming video of a young woman’s reaction to seeing her father’s gift of a car for the first time has gone viral
  • The woman ran out of a building to catch a glimpse of the car that her dad had bought for her and was overjoyed when she saw it
  • Despite the car being old-fashioned and not very attractive, the woman appreciated the gift and hugged her dad, showing gratitude and love

A video that captures the emotional moment a young woman sees her father’s surprise gift of a car for the first time has melted the hearts of many viewers.

The video shows the woman running out of a public venue to witness the car that her loving dad had purchased for her and expressing genuine happiness and excitement when she lays eyes on it.

Photo of father and daughterThe daughter appreciates her father’s kind gesture. Photo credit: @melissataylorSource: TikTok

The car is an old-fashioned model and not very appealing to the eye, but the woman does not care about its appearance and shows her appreciation and gratitude for the gift.

She embraces her dad warmly, demonstrating her affection and respect for him.

Many people who watched the video were moved by her humble and thankful attitude and complimented her for being a good daughter.

Watch the video below:

THETALK.NG compiled some of the reactions below:

Amberdawn20040 reacted:

“She needs to have a talk with the Lamborghini Urus girl, I love this for you and and your family though! Good job parents!”

Shannon said:

“I love her reaction. my first car was a 90s camry lol.”

lllulllO19 wrote:

“My first car was a Lamborghini Aventador but I don’t like it because it’s white and I wanted a blue one.”

Lydia commented:

“My first car was a Toyota echo I loved my little gas saving car.”


“First car arent made to last but her memories will.”


“I love that she knows your first car should be ugly and to make memories in! So cute.”


“There is nothing like the love of your first car, mine was ugly as sin and it still holds a special place in my heart today.”


“He keeps apologizing.”


“Amo El “It’s so ugly, i love it” Jsdks Soy Esa.”

Dad goes above and beyond to give daughter a car on 18th birthday

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG earlier reported that In an emotional TikTok video, @pink__ferrari captured the touching moment her father surprised her with a car on her 18th birthday.

The joy and excitement on her face was evident as she received this incredible gift from her dad.

An emotional video showed the 18-year-old girl displaying a great aura of happiness as she hugged her father for the gift.


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