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Father throws big party to welcome daughter home after she divorced her husband



Father throws big party to welcome daughter home after she divorced her husband
  • A father in Jharkhand, India, has organised a grand celebration to welcome his daughter back home after a challenging marriage
  • The unique separation procession has become a social media sensation, shedding light on the complexities faced by women in traditional societies
  • Sakshi Gupta, daughter of Prem Gupta, entered into matrimony with an engineer in April 2022, only to discover her husband’s existing marriage

A father in the Indian state of Jharkhand has broken the norm by celebrating his daughter’s return after a tumultuous marriage.

Indian womanSakshi Gupta returned home after her marriage failed, and her father, Prem Gupta, organised a celebration. Photo: WION.Source: Twitter

Why did Sakshi divorce?

The extravagant event termed a ‘separation baraat’ (procession), is making waves on social media for its progressive stance in a society that often clings to traditional values.

Sakshi Gupta, daughter of Prem Gupta, tied the knot with an engineer in April 2022, only to discover that her spouse was already married.

Faced with the harsh realities of an unviable marriage, Sakshi turned to her father for support.

He not only stood firmly behind her decision to end the marriage but went a step further to celebrate her return.

Prem organised a grand procession with drums, fireworks, and bursting firecrackers as Sakshi left her in-laws’ home.

Video of ceremony goes viral

The jubilant atmosphere resembled a traditional marriage procession.

The procession challenged the stigma surrounding divorce in a society that often places undue burdens on women to sustain marriages, regardless of the circumstances.

The video of the celebration, initially shared by Prem Gupta on social media, has since gone viral.

Expressing his sentiments on Facebook, Prem emphasised the importance of treating daughters with respect and honour, especially when faced with the challenges of a failed marriage.

“When your daughter’s marriage is done with great pomp and show, and if the spouse and family turns out to be wrong or do wrong, bring your daughter back to your home with respect and honor because daughters are very precious,” he wrote.

Father says he will fully support daughter

Prem, unswayed by societal expectations, conveyed a profound understanding that not all relationships are destined to thrive, stating,

“I am not upset with what happened with my daughter, because you can not make a relationship that was never formed, work.”

Gupta further revealed that during the wedding, he had given the in-laws a significant dowry of 17 lakh rupees, which they now plan to return as part of the alimony.

He also told The Hindu that they have not yet decided what their new life will look like, but they will fully support their daughter in whatever decision she makes.

Both the husband and daughter have mutually agreed to the divorce, and the Ranchi family will soon make an official announcement regarding this matter.

Man divorced his 3 wives

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG earlier reported that a man enjoying marriage life returned to singlehood after going separate ways with his wives.

Mutiacya, who was married to three beautiful wives, said he parted ways with all of them on the same day.


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