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“Everything Is Rubbish”: Okrika Seller who Bought N350k Bale of Clothes Weeps after Opening Goods



"Everything Is Rubbish": Okrika Seller who Bought N350k Bale of Clothes Weeps after Opening Goods
  • A Nigerian woman with the handle @linda_sugar_annabel on TikTok has gotten netizens emotional with her video
  • In the heartbreaking video, she was seen crying over a bale of thrift clothes purchased from the market
  • Netizens expressed sympathy for the businesswoman and advised her to be more selective when buying thrift clothes

A TikTok user identified as @linda_sugar_annabel has expressed her deep disappointment and frustration after purchasing a bale of thrift clothes for N350,000.

The sad businesswoman opened the bale to discover that the clothes were far from what she had anticipated.

Okrika seller in tears after opening N350k baleOkrika seller in tears after opening N350k bale
Photo credit: @linda_sugar_annabel/TikTok.Source: TikTok

Businesswoman cries out after purchasing bale of clothes

The disappointed woman broke down in tears as she displayed the quality of clothes she was sold.

The emotional clip quickly gained traction and went viral, capturing the attention of netizens who empathized with her situation.

Netizens offer sympathy and advice to businesswoman

As the video circulated, netizens flooded the comments section with messages of sympathy and support for Linda.

Many shared similar experiences and expressed their understanding of the disappointment she felt.

In addition to offering words of comfort, netizens also provided advice, recommending that she be more selective when purchasing thrift clothes and suggesting that she consider buying items individually rather than investing in a full bale.

@Ria commented:

“They shall see no peace cheeii.”

@Amazing_DivaDe said:

“So sorry sis.”

@ifeanyipeace681 commented:

“Sorry dear picking is the best you will be seeing what you want to buy.”

@user7481333659977 reacted:

“Why didn’t you open it there and check it.”

@cynthiabeauty28 reacted:

“My love so sorry.”

@zinnys Signature reacted:

“Sorry nne.”

@Blessed Ranky said:

“Sorry sis.”

@Stellamaris Obiakor said:

“Chai! This is heartbreaking.”

@okoyerita880 said:

“I can relate so sorry.”

@ThickieEmpress_Ugo reacted:

“Sorry dear.”

@chibueze said:

“My crush.”

@EMMANUELLA reacted:

“So sorry.”

@kcfree said:

“Depend on what you order, that’s why I go for kids wear.”

@Cyndy5976 said:

“So sorry dear.”

@MAMA reacted:

“I’m sorry babe.”

@user1942832715293 said:

“Sorry dear, God will surely replace it for you.”

@Dera lee said:

“Chai sorry.”

@nellyfabrics124 reacted:

“Take heart dear, try me I will always give you the best.”

Watch the video below:

Okrika seller in tears after opening bale of clothes

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a Nigerian businesswoman broke down in tears after buying goods worth a whopping N250,000. The woman, who sells fairly used clothes (okrika) for a living, couldn’t control her pain after purchasing bad goods.

In a video shared via TikTok, she displayed the low-quality goods she was given, and tears rolled down her cheeks. “Bought a UK 55kg children’s bail for N250k and this is what I found inside when I opened it”, she lamented.

When THETALK.NG reached out to her, she revealed that she had taken the goods back to where she got them from, but the seller refused to take it back. In her words: “I sell kiddies wears like the ones on my business page @morels_closet. So I went to market to get a bale as usual so I bought this bale 250k. Plus waybill to my store. On getting to the store, I opened it and I realize it’s all socks and pants.”


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